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About Us

Extreme Pain Clothing was conceived and founded by Glenn Dietz. The brand was officially launched with the later involvement of Glenn’s long time friend and business partner Glenn Fujikawa in 2007. Ed Parker, Jr. was the first artist to contribute graphics to the company. Glenn Dietz’s intention from the very beginning has been to create a platform for Extreme Pain Clothing which combines life experiences with fashion, art and lifestyle. At the forefront of this vision has been the collaboration between Glenn Dietz and Ed Parker, Jr. They share a vision on life’s philosophical journey that enables the development of artwork with meaning.


Extreme Pain Clothing is closely associated with the martial arts industry as well as general life culture; the company is becoming more involved in activities that speak the language of their core customers. Extreme Pain Clothing is found in men’s lifestyle shops, martial arts studios and street wear shops. Because of its art focus, Extreme Pain Clothing is also actively involved in seeking out artists who are motivated by life’s twists and turns and who are not bound by mainstream design.

What’s in a Name?

Why Extreme Pain?  The name comes from an article that Glenn Dietz read in USA Today a few years back while sitting in an airport.  The article was about Shawne Merriman – Defensive Linebacker of the San Diego Chargers.  When asked in the article about the Japanese Kanji tattoo on his right bicep and what it meant, he responded “Extreme Pain”.  More succinctly the extreme pain in life that he has endured to “get to where he is going”.

As a student of the martial arts and various readings on Zen philosophy, Glenn Dietz could only agree that life is a journey filled with much Extreme Pain.  “It is this Extreme Pain that helps define us as humans,” comments Dietz, “we use our past experiences to move forward with our future experiences and hopefully take away valuable lessons, it permeates our design and company



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