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Who's wearing Extreme Pain Clothing?
Kimo Leopoldo
Jason Mayhem Miller
Oliver Gruner
Mike Brown, Glenn Dietz
Extremepain - Ed Parker Jr., Jose Canseco, Glenn Dietz
Jose Canseco Ed Parker Jr., Jose Canseco and Glenn Dietz Mark Dacascos
Luis Mandylor on the set of Saints and Sinners
Lou Ferrigno
Holt Boggs
Ernie Reyes Sr.
Bas Rutten wears Reflections
Sensei Cecil Peoples
Kathy Long and Glenn Dietz
Simon Rhee

Tae Jon Lee
James Lew
Extremepain - Sky Scrape Hawaiian Warrior Art
Sky Scrape
Hawaiian Warrior Art
James Hong Antonio Cromarte Travis Goff
"The Midwest Bad Boy"
Shawn Daivari
Shawn Daivari
Benny The Jet Urqudez and Dave Kovar
Eric Lee
Extremepain - Ron Balicki
Extremepain - Richard Norton
Extremepain - Master Steve Sexton
Extremepain - Peter "Sugerfoot" Cunningham
Ron Balicki
Richard Norton
Master Steve Sexton
Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham
U.S. Army Reserves, 368th M.P. Co, GUAM, DET21
U.S. Army Reserves, 368th M.P. Co, GUAM, DET21,
Protective Services Detail "Team Afghanistan."
Sensei, Ed Parker, Jr. Frank Trejo Larry Kongaika
Extremepain - "Strike!"
Van Kao Francisco Soto with
Ron Chap'el
Shawn Yacoubian Ed Parker Jr. and Son Group Photo 1


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